A flush series created for houses and home furnishing. In every detail, DOMO highlights the magic of the special place we come back to, seeking peace, relaxation and happiness. The product combines all the characteristics that go well with a warm, homely atmosphere. A palette of six colours is available: white, cream, pearl, graphite, silver, and champagne. They can be used to create a peaceful mood in any interior. The additional decorative elements ensure charming arrangement possibilities.

DOMO is a multi-frame system: it is available in up to a fourway frame variant in a vertical position and up to a fiveway frame in a horizontal position. The switches with “quick disconnect” clamps ensure easy and comfortable mounting of the installation for up to 10AX. Thanks to the power outlets with stirrup bolts, connecting wires should not cause any problems. The DOMO series consists of products made of high-class polycarbonate material (buttons and frames) and a unique phosphor bronze alloy (95% Cu for power joints). These materials have made it possible to create a series of modern and durable technological solutions for every household.

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