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Flush mounted system

A decorative series dedicated to houses and home furnishing. Its subtle form amazes and the additional decorative elements are perfect for those who want to create their own style. 

Flush mounted system

A cost-efficient series dedicated to public, commercial and residential construction. An optimal combination of straight stylistic line and functionality. Perfectly matches most interiors. 

Office system

An innovative series for offices. Designed to combine the style, usability and ergonomics of the workspace in the best possible way. A practical and functional solution with the possibility of mounting in the frame system. 

Surface mounted system

A reliable series used in outdoor walls and facades. It is outstanding for its ingress protection and safety. It combines a robust structure with a simple, universal design. It is suitable for garages and arbours.

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Discover the magic of Mowion electrical installation equipment! Thanks to our configurator, you can quickly and easily match the style and colour scheme of the frame, sockets and switch to your home. See for yourself how small details can make any interior special!


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